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    Song Dynasty ClubCovers Covering athe business area of more than 3000 square meters, Gechao KTV Club possesses 39 KTV rooms with in different styles: . The rooms are divided into grade of 580 yuan, 780 yuan, 880 yuan, 980 yuan, 1280 yuan and 1980 yuan respectively. Uniquely designed by the famous designer and carved by the national first-grade decoration enterprise, the club shows the extraordinary nobility and elegance with extraordinary style. Terra-cotta warrior in the main channel re-appears the peak time heyday of Qin and Han culture and music bells make us look back the grandness of Chinese ancient civilizations.

    Song Dynasty KTV Club pays more attention to create the a relaxing atmosphere, noble temperament environment and grand vigor. Here, the elegant and delicate art, first-class and deluxe decoration, graceful and comfortable environment and exquisite and professional service are welcomed by all friends of all circles. We seek to become the first-classmost super luxurious night-club in Heyuan and to create the a vigorous working environment with perfect system, harmonious organization and favorable welfare.